Process is King

  • Contractors Cloud was the first to have a completely customized workflow. Today, we are still the leaders in this area.
  • It’s great if a program can keep track of a lot of data, but Contractors Cloud brings it all together in a meaningful and useful format.
  • Our workflow system allows you to implement a process that you have already created.
  • Combining this with our knowledge and experience with industry trends, our account representatives will be able to help you design a process that automates it all so you can focus on what saves you time and money.


  • A project’s workflow is the step-by-step system that allows everyone to know where this project is at, what is the next step, and who is responsible for completing that step.
  • Once a milestone is completed (i.e. uploading a document, completing a task, answering a question, etc.) an automatic email and text message notification goes out letting the team know where the project is at. You can also include customer notifications within the workflow automation.