Text Messaging Made Easy With Contractors Cloud

Today we upgraded our Text Messaging platform to allow for easier and more reliable texting photos, photo albums, and work orders.

Text Messaging Photos

There are many cases where a production manager needs to relay information to the crew, or anyone for that matter. A common example is when the crew has left and the Quality Control Supervisor visits the job site to find that there is a bent piece of facia or metal. The supervisor can simply document the issue with a photo and then text message the photo to the crew. Within seconds, the photo is documented in the job and the crew knows what the issue is, where the issue is, and can start planning how to resolve it.

Since a picture speaks 1000-words, we’ve made it easy to text a single photo to practically anyone whether they are a Contractors Cloud user or not.

Text messaging photos with Contractors Cloud

Texting Photo Albums

We don’t just stop at a single photo. You are also able to Text a public link to an entire photo album.

Let’s say there is an issue that requires multiple photos to better describe it. If this is the case, simply create a photo album within Contractors Cloud and quickly text the link to whoever needs to know about it.

Texting Work Orders

It certainly seems that every roofing and siding subcontractor is super busy. Therefore, the quicker you can relay that data and easier you can make it for your subcontractor to read, the better for everybody. Within a Contractors Cloud work order, you now can text a public work order page to any of your crews. When they receive the text message, they simply click on a link that brings them to a responsive webpage that displays all of the work order information. Boom! Within seconds, your subcontractor has all they need to schedule and perform work for you.

Last Updated on January 18, 2021.

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