Contractor’s Cloud and Signeato Integrate

Today, we released our integration with Signeato. Signeato is a very simple and easy to use e-signature application. In under 5-minutes, you can email any document to a customer for a signature. Once signed by all parties, the final signed document will automatically upload to the Contractor’s Cloud file area and you will be notified via email of the completed document.

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Dynamically Generated Documents

Once integrated, you are able to e-sign any dynamically generated documents such as estimates, documents, and proposals.

Uploaded PDF Documents

You are also able to e-sign any PDF file uploaded to your files area. Therefore, you can essentially upload any PDF, whether is was dynamically generated by Contractor’s Cloud or not, and send it out for e-signatures.

How the Process Works

Wherever you see the Signeato Sign It! button within Contractor’s Cloud, you will be able to send that document out for e-signatures.

You simply press the Sign It! button, then Contractor’s Cloud sends the document to a Signeato Interface where you designate the signees.

Then you place your signature targets within the document, click Finish, then boom! The signees receive an email notifying them to review and sign.

Once all signatures have been captured, Signeato will automatically upload the document to the Contractor’s Cloud files area.

Signeato Benefits

Signeato offers a number of benefits such as being able to brand all signature interfaces to your company’s style. This includes uploading your company logo and picking your company colors. Many of our customers tell us this is important to them when trying to convey a consistent and professional look and fell for their company.

Signeato also allows you to sign any document on the spot. Rather than emailing out the document, you can simply upload the document and sign on the spot. This makes closing deals at the kitchen table very easy and quick.


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Last Updated on December 21, 2020.

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