Are you involved in your processes? Or, do you leave that up to your employees?

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By Dwight R. Gunnarson, CEO ThinkUp Technologies

We have been blessed with some really great and engaged clients and many of those clients have been with Contractor’s Cloud for many years. However, every once-in-a-while we encounter a client that only hangs on for a month of two and then they split. From what we can gather, those clients have owner’s that are not necessarily involved with the day-to-day operations. Now, you are probably saying, “But that’s why I have employee’s”, right? Well, yes. But that only works if you have a good handle on your processes and organization.

Our best customers are those who have owners that take the time to setup the processes and procedures within Contractor’s Cloud for their employees to follow. The owner’s that fail are the ones that purchase a program such as ours and tell their employees, “Hey guys! I got you a shiny new piece of software to improve your efficiency and organization. Have fun and let me know how it works out.”

Yeah, this happens.

Remember, Contractor’s Cloud is not the secret to your success. No program is. The secret to your success is your vision and leadership. We are merely a tool to help achieve your goals.

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